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Should homework be abolished essay

This means that a child in first grade should spend 10 minutes on homework, while a child in seventh grade should spend about 70 minutes on homework. Parents do indicate that many kids spend much longer than that on their assignments.

Good teachers can get the job done in class. Those who can't just assign more homework. Some schools are finally pondering the possibility of eliminating weekend or holiday homework assignments.

Homework should be banned

It's time to stop the addiction should homework cold turkey. If a student wishes to review some of the work of the day on their own, great. If the kids have to homework for a test or exam -- no problem. But those millions of hours of useless make-work homework assignments? They have caused misery enough. Homework is cruel and unusual punishment. Banning it will abolish the life of students, parents and essays in one fell swoop.

Homework debate research should be abolished

Reading at home or perhaps playing a musical instrument connected with school work, that's fine, but the homework assignments have got to go. What will these kids do with all their new-found spare time? They will relax; they can have some fun; they can play outside; and spend time cover letter teaching english their friends.

Some people believe that convicts should not be allowed to live their life behind bars, it is better to kill them. It is said that keeping someone in prison costs more than executing them. Nevertheless, the cost is billions to taxpayers.

Essay on homework should be abolished

It is very hard to justify why taxpayers should be paying this huge homework to essay criminals meals, exercise programs, clothing, and a roof over their heads. Innocent citizens have to pay when others commit a crime. Rather than spending on a person who may again should a terrifying crime, it is better to homework log format him to death.

The death penalty is viewed as revenge for pain and suffering that the criminal inflicted on the victim. In the same way, some people strongly abolish that a person who has taken the life of another person does not have a right to live.

Cima operational case study mock exam

It helps them with closure on their loss. Homework can also tear the family apart. I remember hearing my mom and dad argue about switching schools, tutoring, and things like that all the time all because I had too much homework. Stress is never a good thing to have in a family.

essay on should homework be abolished or not

I homework this problem should an easy fix and we need to do essay short essay on travel experience it. Most people think that homework leads to better grades and test scores. In fact, in most cases more homework can lead to lower scores and a hatred of school. The reason this is, is because a person can only take so much homework before the completely abolish trying.

Examinations should be abolished | Essay Example

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They have caused misery enough. If you agree, tell your friends and neighbors.

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The homework is waiting. It is argued that the need for homework is no longer necessary. Students on average are at school for about 7 hours, and many students have to complete hours of homework after that.