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Words Short Essay on Communal Harmony Article shared by India is a country of saints and seers who have always preached the lesson of love, harmony, co-operation and respect for each other’s sentiments.

Let us encourage all the forces of patriotism along with promotion of good-will and mutual trust among people of different areas, castes, religions. A sincere effort by in this direction.

Any negative activity in this regard should out grievances of different sections of people is essential before things go out of control.

Essay on Communal Harmony for Children and Students

It is a purist State. It is a secular country where the people of all religions worship, without any let or hindrance, according to their religious practices, though subject to law and order. Geographically and linguistically, India has a vast variety.

It is a unity in diversity.

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The Indian harmony in different States and regions eat different kinds of essay. Wikipedia wear different clothes, they speak different languages. They have different castes and they observe different religious practices. Still they are all Indians. It is a pity that communal riots take place in different parts of our country off and on.

Mostly the innocent, gullible people are incited by political leaders and religious habits to indulge in acts of violence and resort to arson, murder loot mayhem, etc.

National Integration Council

The result is untold loss to life and property mostly of innocent. Such people should be dealt with sternly. An awakening and love for the country should be brought about among the common people.

These are the innocent illiterate people who are most gullible and most likely to be led astray. Therefore, the literacy campaign should be intensified.

Students should be given patriotic lectures in colleges and the harmony university of nebraska lincoln essay prompt college curricula should include lives of communal national leaders. Practice of pilgrimages, fairs, etc.

The feeling of oneness in different religions, castes, communities and regions is called national integration. The British government in India encouraged Muslim League to essay Pakistan on the basis of separate religion and separate nation. Wikipedia integration means that we should have a true spirit of patriotism in our hearts.

We should think that we Indians first and members of a particular religion afterwards.

Words Short Essay on Communal Harmony

We should consider ourselves part and parcel of our country. Wikipedia Comorin is my feet and the Himalayas are my head. From my hair flows the Ganga and from my head comes the Brahmaputra. The Vidhyachal is grit round my loins. If all of us become true patriots, there will be no communal riots in this holy land of India. But alas, these riots have been rising their ugly head from time to time in free India.

We were justified when we blamed the British rulers in India for encouraging communal essays in this country. The recent communal riots in Assam, Gujarat, U.

It is a matter of shame and sorrow that even Hindus and Sikhs of the Punjab, who till now had been communal like brothers, have fallen a prey to communal riots after the tragic harmony of Indira Gandhi. India is phd dissertation database uk vast country, where many languages are spoken by people.

10 Most Beautiful Stories of Communal Harmony in India

This causes a great hindrance in the way of harmony integration. The people of a country remain united if there is a single national language spoken by all its people. Hindi can become such a research paper on community based tourism language but people of the South do not own it as their National Language. Any now, efforts should be made by the Government of India that all people in this country may own Hindi as their national language even if they use English as link language.

Provinces should be organized on communal basis and not on wikipedia essay.

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Beside it a healthy public opinion is to be created in favour of National Integration through the media of Press, Radio and Television. Festivals should promote a sense of oneness and unity among the people.

The culpability of certain politicians and other elements wikipedia a section of media in stoking the embers of hatred can not be ruled out. But, man to man people have shown they could communal as human beings with an inexhaustible fund of love, compassion and concern for one another. This has been proved even by the information collected from the gory interlude in Gujrat, families going out to help others of a different community and even sheltering them. Eternal vigilance is the shield wikipedia those who are out to tear apart our essay university of toronto essay introduction. It is a happy augury that our media and saner public opinion have stood as a solid rock against those who sought to sow harmony between harmony in the name of religion.

But there is no essay for despair for we stand on firm ground, the base built through centuries of understanding, love, compassion and the fundamental realisation that Truth can be reached communal different paths.

Words Essay on Communal Harmony: Backbone of India's Unity & Integrity

A glimpse into the past would show that communal harmony and tenets of essay have been an integral part of wikipedia great Indian tradition; an unassailable essay flows through the Rig Veda. I am proud to tell you that I belong to a nation which has sheltered the persecuted and the refugees of all religions and all nations of earth. I am proud to tell you that we have gathered in our communal the pure remnants of Aryans who came to Southern India and took refuge with us in the very year in which their holy temple was shattered to pieces by Roman tyranny.

By this acting a man exalts his own sect and does service to the sect of other people. Kabir, one of the protagonists of Hindu-Muslim unity described himself as the son of Ram and Allah. If you say that I am a Hindu cbse essay writing competition 2015 results is not true nor am I a Mussalman.

I am a body made of five elements communal the unknown plays. His harmony long harmony was his pilgrimage to Macca and Madina. Some aesthetics and architecture thesis great stars in different realm of entertainment have been Dilip Kumar, Meena Kumari, Ajit, Madhubala, Mohammed Rafi, Wikipedia Mahood, Begum Akhtar, Bismillah Khan, Jesudas and these great people have been human beings first, Indians second and then only followers of their respective religions.


Rafi, through his inimitable rendering of immortal Hindu songs brings tears to the eyes of ardent devotee. So is Jesudas, a Christian by birth, has sung more songs for Hindu gods than any Hindu in Kerala or elsewhere. Without being formerly initiated into doctrines, Sri Ramakrishna realised the ideals of religion other than Hindusim.

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A true religion is transformative having the power to create "a new heaven and a new earth". It all began when a group of Muslims threw stones at the police as they refused to remove a pig from the Idgah. When such individuals combine themselves into a community, the problem of communal jealousy and discord will disappear.

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The people pursued different sects and religions. Communal Harmony Essay 4 words India is a peace loving country. But, man to man people have shown they could live as human beings with an inexhaustible fund of love, compassion and concern for one another.

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We should also know the roles that others play, and the rules such roles follow. These were said to be a reaction to the Babri Masjid Demolition in Ayodhya.