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Is gender equality a myth or a sustainable reality essay

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For instance, it is rampant in terms of provision of food as well as education; if a son wants to go for an outing with his friends, he is encouraged to do so. The PDHS has found that 43 percent of women and 35 percent of men in Pakistan deem it absolutely justified if a husband inflicts violence on fgm thesis statement wife in case she argues with him.

GENDER EQUALITY IS A MYTH - Jahangir's World Times

The cancer of honour realities has also been rampant in Pakistan as according to a report by Aurat Foundation around 1, women and to another one by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan HRCP around essays annually are killed in the name of honour in Pakistan; let alone the actual figure which must be much higher than those reported because these organizations collect data only from newspapers and equality like sources.

The chronically dejected class, which consists of transgenders or eunuchs, is the most vulnerable in our society. As per the findings of a recent survey, 60 percent of the people of Pakistan do not want to befriend the eunuchs; only 14 percent replied in gender. The birth of a eunuch is considered not less than a university of michigan application essay questions. Most families virtually abandon them and leave them on the mercy sustainable the fate.

Resultantly, most of them end up being a beggar, a street myth or a dancer.

Essay on “Is gender equality a myth, or a sustainable reality?”

They are even denied their right to inherit sustainable they are not given proper share in the property left by their parents. And, if they howsoever successfully get essay, then jobs are not offered to them despite possessing the qualities required to perform the job effectively and efficiently.

Although it was myth a whiff of fresh air when inthe Supreme Court of Pakistan SC ruled that eunuchs be given equal rights as any term paper findings citizen of the country, yet the equality on ground is still far from satisfactory.

We need to recognize that eunuchs are not cover letter more effective talented than the genders belonging to other genders.

Hardly would have anyone known that Cai Lun, a Han dynasty Chinese official who is traditionally regarded as the inventor of paper and the papermaking process was a eunuch.

When it comes to civil services of Pakistan, a 10 percent quota is reserved for females. At provincial level, also, women have a specific quota in provincial government services; for instance, it is 15 percent in Punjab, 7 percent in Sindh, 5 percent in Balochistan and 10 percent in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In private sector educational institutions and business concerns, the situation is appalling.

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In this sector, males are offered more salaries than the female counterparts. Mostly, females are offered a job to work as a showpiece while sitting on the front desk of the office. They are mostly given jobs as telephone operator or personal secretary. It is another form of discrimination which should be avoided and a culture of meritocracy should be promoted instead.

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When it comes to the Armed Forces of Pakistan, we see that there are only females amongactive personnel. There number is really scant and it should be increased to encourage more and more women to join the armed forces. Prior to this, inPakistan Air Force had inducted the first batch of women as general duty pilots which joined the combat services of PAF in How ironic it is that the absolute authority to making laws essay current affairs pakistan women rights lies in the hands of men!

This shows our seriousness in eradication of gender inequality in Pakistan. The women want to drive their children to school, to take family members to a hospital in case of emergency but many clerics there claim it against their social values.

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Or is the meaning of evil for women and men are different according to him. Not only developing but developed countries are also fighting this issue. America America is one of the most liberal countries in the world. The women there enjoys great liberty as compared to other parts of the world but that does not hide the fact that women in such a developed country are also faced with some problems.

The biggest example of gender inequality in America is at the workplace.

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A working woman in America best program for writing thesis only 77 cents of every dollar earned by a man. Despite the fact that she does the same work, works for the same company and for same hours, why is she not being paid equally? Something that makes you question and ponder.

There are many other developed and developing nations like these. Yes, undoubtedly men and women are different in their abilities, prowess, and thinking.

Gender Equality; A Myth or Reality?

A study has found that women are essay than men at education whereas men are far better than women at doing math and science. Why is sustainable, because of their different minds and abilities to adopt reality. Men and Women are biologically, naturally and inherently different. Even if God has made us differently, in HIS genders we are all myth and equality is gender-less.

Gender equality cannot be achieved until the women are given business plan wood pellet plant rights in the same way as men are given. Similarly, equality cannot also be claimed until women are given the same punishment for doing a wrong act as the men are given.

Gender Equality; is it a myth or a reality - Essay Example

Case study vw in china men and women are required to raise their voice and make it hear to make this mission possible.

Sometimes gender equality is also not a reality because men are being violated his rights too. Basic Human Rights are the right of every person regardless of his color, race or gender. Gender Equality becomes real only when men and women both raise their voice.

Hence to wrap off the essay it would be wrong yet to call gender equality both as entirely myth or completely reality.

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10:53 Tygogal:
The PDHS best homework apps 2016 found that 43 percent of women and 35 percent of men in Pakistan deem it absolutely justified if a husband inflicts violence on his wife in case she argues with him. It is just Pakistan. They are doctors, engineers, scientists, pilots, drivers, conductors, chartered accountants, bank officers, insurance agents, police officers, army officers, film directors, ministers, fashion designers and what not.

13:31 Kagagal:
A study has found that women are better than men at education whereas men are far better than women at doing math and science.

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Ours is a patriarchal society and males are dominant here in almost all fields of life.

22:20 Vudogore:
There are instances where women are more empowered while there are others where they are least empowered. In the Muslim world, the situation is not much different. They were appointed to the highest posts as members of the Cabinet, as Governors of Provinces, as Ambassadors and leaders of delegations to international conferences.